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Price Park always needs volunteers who want to perform Community Service such as pulling privet or cleaning up areas of the Park. We are also always looking for Eagle Scout candidates who want to do their Eagle project.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Price Park

As awareness and usage of Leone Hall Price Park increases, we get many questions that are asked frequently so we thought we would answer a number of them for you in case you were wondering the same thing!

What’s in the Park?
The Park is designated a passive park which means the primary use will be hiking and walking. There are several miles of unmarked and undeveloped trails currently on each side of Allatoona Creek. Feel free to explore them! If you are a little uncertain where a trail leads just come back the same way. One of the short term objectives is to establish and develop the trails with markers and signs so it’s a little easier to get around if you are using a trail for the first time. Trail maps will be available soon.

Where are the trails currently?
• Download a Trail Map of Price Park
As you leave the Parking Lot and go down the hill then walk up the hill, you will be at the top of Price Park Meadow. The trail straight ahead leads to the bottom of the Meadow. The Meadow Loop Trail goes to the right and left and both trails lead to the bottom of the Meadow. The Meadow Loop Trail circles the Meadow and The Meadow Trail goes through the middle of the Meadow. Take one way going down the hill and another coming back!

At the bottom of the Meadow, you will see the Meeting Tree on the right. Rest for a moment if you like and then continue to Allatoona Creek.

You can go to the right on Sewer Line trail along Allatoona Creek which takes you to Stilesboro Road. About a hundred feet before you reach Stilesboro Road, take the trail that veers to the right and you will return to the Parking Lot.

Instead of going to the right, you can go left at the bottom of the Meadow just before Allatoona Creek, the trail winds along Allatoona Creek for about 1,000 feet until you reach the end of the Park marked by a Park Ends Private Property Sign. On your way, there is a sandbar and a big bend in the creek. This is a natural place to cross or let your kids play in the creek.
When you cross the creek, the trail to the left follows the Sewer Line. There will be a sign where the Park ends.

The trail to the right winds along Allatoona Creek and will take you all the way to Stilesboro Road. There are several places to cross the creek on each side of the creek.

You will find several trails off the Allatoona Creek and Sewer Line trail on the other side of the creek. These trails lead up to different subdivisions surrounding the Park. Feel free to explore them just respect private property when you reach the end of the trails and stay on Park property. Most Park users are very responsible. Please help us keep the Park free from fast food containers!

Do I need to keep my dog on a leash?
Yes Leash Laws are in effect at Price Park! Keep your dog(s) on a leash.

How do I get across the creek?
Currently you need to walk across the creek. A bridge will be built in the future. Most improvements will be made with the financial support of the local businesses and citizens through the Friends of Price Park group. Government budgets are very tight and improvements will be made be made with contributions from local citizens and businesses working with the Cobb County Parks Department to improve the Park.

What are the planned improvements for the Park?
Over the course of the next few years, the following major improvements are in the Price Park Master Plan and will be made with citizen support. The Master Plan needs to be updated to include the 17 acre parcel Park addition where the Parking Lot stands.

  • Trail Development, Expansion and Improvement
  • Stream Cleanup and Restoration
  • Children’s Playground
  • Restroom Facilities
  • Bridge across Allatoona Creek (part of SPLOST funding)
  • Seating and Picnic tables in various locations in the Park
  • Equipment Maintenance Building
  • Enlarged Parking Lot

That’s it? No other facilities?
That is pretty much it. Price Park is the “Natural Place to be.” When Leone Hall Price, who lived across the street and farmed this land, donated most of the 126 acre property to Cobb County, she stipulated the land be a passive park. She wanted the Park to remain in a natural state so that future generations could enjoy the land as she did during her life.

What can’t I do in the Park?
Bikes, Mountain Bikes and Motorized Vehicles are not allowed in the Park. If you are a Biker, there are Bike Trails at Cobb County’s Corps property just northwest of Price Park (about three miles) on Old Stilesboro Rd. There won’t be any ball fields in the Park. Unless it’s an emergency, you cannot use your cell phone in the Park. Just kidding! It is recommended you listen to the birds and the sounds of silence in Price Park! Look for the deer and other animals just around the corner!

Are those tall weeds in the Meadow?
No they are wildflowers so that’s why they are still standing!

How can I help and get involved?
Friends of Price Park (FOPP) is a group of local citizens who are committed to working with the Cobb County Parks Department to increase community awareness and usage of the Park. We have several active outreach programs to the community including schools, homeowners associations, scout groups, citizens and businesses. FOPP is committed to channel the energy and support of local citizens and businesses to improve the Park. If you are interested in getting involved, please contact the Friends group (FOPP) and let us know you want to help. We need and will accept all the help we can get! We obviously need to raise funds for some of the major projects but there is a lot of work to be done that simply takes your time, energy and expertise! Businesses who want to donate in-kind products and services are welcome to do so.

If you have the ability to help us financially, your contributions will make a huge difference in our ability to make the planned improvements to the Park on a timely basis. Donate on our website or send a check to Friends of Price Park, P.O. Box 801137, Acworth, GA 30101. Friends of Price Park is a 501C3 Non Profit Corporation (contributions are tax deductible).

Got Questions or want to get involved?
Contact Friends of Price Park, Inc. (All Friends of Price Park Members are Volunteers)

Dave Schwickerath, President
Phone 678-414-0430
Terry Scoville, Vice-President
Phone 404-513-0534
Friends of Price Park is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization. All donations are tax-deductible to the extent of the law.
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